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Outdoor Wooden Play Huts One of the first products developed by Richter Spielgeräte was the classic wooden play hut. Created with dimensions to deliver the ultimate in play value, with clear visibility for children seeing out and parents and carers seeing in. The roof and walls can all be reached by the child, meaning it […]


Towers, Huts, Houses, Platforms, Meeting Points”

Towers, huts and houses are pivotal to the Richter Spielgeräte collection. The small wooden play house was one of the original collection, created in 1966 as a foundation product. Every element of the play house has been calculated to deliver the best play value. The dimensions of the hut enable the child to feel secure […]



Since its origins back in the 1960s, Richter Spielgeräte has focused on the skills needed to create and interact with its outdoor play equipment. At Timberplay, we have drawn on this knowledge to develop a full understanding of the play potential of any outdoor space. Platforms While Richter originally focused on hand-crafted wooden towers, animals […]


Swinging, Swaying, Rocking

At Timberplay, play value is the most important thing across all the different types of equipment we offer. Swinging, swaying, rocking (wobbling and see-sawing) Some play park equipment is principally designed to offer opportunities for movement and surprise. Swings of all types, cableways/zip wires and climbing frames in exciting configurations will give players the chance […]