About Us

In the last 14 years, the Timberplay team have become experts in the field of children's play. Our self determined belief to nurture personal development, build knowledge, value lasting relationships and respect originality has lead us to a socially responsible and fair approach to trading. With our more recent partnerships, we are fast becoming specialists in the public realm domain. Our vision is to help develop stronger communities through the design of better community spaces, play areas and streetscapes.

  • "When we build, let us think that we build forever."

Based in an historic former mill building in Sheffield, the Timberplay journey started 14 years ago. Managing Director Paul Collings aim was to create something different in the dysfunctional play sector.

Natural outdoor play was becoming a rarity, as was a high quality solution to the lack of freedom children had,  just to play, be creative and learn, wherever they were and whenever they wanted.

The best place to start was Richter Spielgerate renowned for researching, developing and producing the highest quality handcrafted outdoor play products for over 40 years. Add to that a team of Landscape Architects, with a passion for the environment, and you have an in house design team that understand perfectly the synergy between the products and the natural and built environment.

Design is key in all we do. With this in mind, our passion for public spaces keeps growing. It is this mission that drives us on, sourcing the best products we can find and building relationships with partners who share our ethos.

Street furniture, outdoor lighting, sports facilities and play equipment are key features of society. So Timberplay forged relationships with world class companies specialising in these areas. All our products boast exceptional design and engineering. We are here to work with you, to offer support in your product selection, give advice on technical aspects and design, providing backup when required, whatever the nature of the project.

The bottom line is fostering better relationships…. the honest exchange of ideas to promote better understanding to design amazing places.