Our team includes designers, consultants and researchers in order for us to maximise the benefit from a timberplay landscape


Paul  Collings


  • Paul Collings
  • Director
  • Relishing a challenge Paul Collings started the business from his garage in the year 2000, then immersed himself in the fascinating world of play to ensure the ability to offer credible and useful advice to his new and growing customer base.

    Over the years Timberplay has grown under his leadership, taking on many complementary brands to create an exceptional product portfolio. His new passion is public space and the way people live together.

    Paul is engaged in a continual quest of self-improvement. In his youth, he hitchhiked solo around Europe and sailed across the North Sea as a novice. Now his challenges could be classed as more sedate, but they still bring a great deal of variety to life, whether he be salsa-ing around the dance floor, acing it on the tennis court, or building and sailing his own raft. He is also trying to improve his language skills, tackling German again in a bid to better his communication on the regular trips to visit Richter in Frasdorf.

    He is on an unending quest to understand more about how individuals interact within the city and has made the conscious decision to live without a car, instead relying on public transport and a bicycle to better understand the infrastructure of the urban space.


David Collings

Technical Director

  • David Collings
  • Technical Director
  • David is a long standing member of the Timberplay team.

    He has been involved with some of the most challenging but inspirational installations.

    As well as a passion for construction he loves to get on his bike, and took a sabbatical a couple of years ago to ride around the entire coastline of Great Britain for charity.


Vincent Hallam

Managing Director

  • Vincent Hallam
  • Managing Director
  • Vince joined Timberplay to help with the growth and expansion into ever diversifying territories and markets.

    He manages the operations and installation departments, which is no mean feat.

    Away from work he has a passion for motorbikes, travelling on a yearly expedition to Ireland.



Ben Harbottle

Sales Director

  • Ben Harbottle
  • Sales Director
  • Ben started with the company in its infancy, driving sales and building relationships with clients around the UK.

    Prior to working at Timberplay 11 years ago he had already amassed considerable life experiences including providing round the clock support to Leicestershire Police and a semi-professional Rugby career. This passion for Rugby pervades today, he still regularly plays, watches and enjoys all of the social activities traditionally associated with the sport.

    Father to 3 young children, Ben is currently concentrating on having fun and playing, both at home and at work.


Ros Harker

Head of Education

  • Ros Harker
  • Head of Education
  • Ros came to work at Timberplay as part of an agency PR team, helping the company communicate their strengths and market themselves more effectively. She got to understand the workings of Timberplay very well throughout this time, and when an in-house position arose developing Playgarden to meet the needs of the education sector she jumped at the opportunity. Involved with the company since the outset, Ros has been instrumental in establishing Playgarden as a key player in the Early Education Outdoor sector.

    Ros takes very hands-on approach to heading up the Education sector, visiting customers and liaising with designers, attending exhibitions and running seminars, as well as marketing and product design. With this never ending list it is surprising that Ros has any spare time, but when she does she likes to get out walking with her friends and family and takes a regular pilgrimage over the English Channel to watch the Tour de France.


Rebecca Rees

Operations Manager

  • Rebecca Rees
  • Operations Manager
  • Rebecca, also known as Becs, is one of the Timberplay old school, coming on board in the early days, helping the business grow with her efficient approach to installations and operations. It is her enviable task to coordinate the installation teams, accomplishing magic feats to ensure people can actually be in two places at any one time. Her power over time management means she can squeeze 16 hours out of the average 8-hour day. She also liaises with international partners, managing the ordering and delivery process for products from all over Europe.

    This international flair continues in her spare time. She is currently learning Spanish, enjoys cuisine from around the world, takes regular city breaks and is even married to a Welsh man.  She is also has an adventurous spirit, as well as roughing it with a tent and a camping stove she also can be found getting filthy and hurtling down hills in an annual mud run.

Sales & Marketing

Beth Cooper

Creative Play Consultant

  • Beth Cooper
  • Creative Play Consultant
  • Street dancer, community arts worker and circus performer are just a few of the many and varied jobs Beth had prior to joining the team.

    She originally began working with Timberplay as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. On completion of project her enthusiasm and experience led to her becoming a permanent fixture.

    All her professional life Beth has worked with young people and children. This was consolidated when she embarked on a Children and Playwork BA, at Sheffield Hallam University. Her personal development continues with a recent post graduate diploma in Organisation Development and Consultancy and plans to build greater understanding in the area or urban planning and design with a view to gaining a perspective on play outside of the playground.

    With a strong creative spirit, Beth also regularly challenges herself with new skills. New tricks to add to her portfolio include; blacksmith, lino printer, silversmith, glass blower, all well and good so long as she doesn’t give up on the enthusiastic tea making.


Lilly Elbra

Marketing Manager

  • Lilly Elbra
  • Marketing Manager
  • Lilly has worked with Timberplay since 2009, providing PR and Communications support. This has involved working with editors of their key magazines to create feature articles looking at key elements of their business activity; play, lighting, smart cities, skate and sports provision. In addition Lilly also liaises with designers to create their promotional literature, brochures, newsletters, leaflets and web copy.

    Much to Lilly’s astonishment, she has become a regular runner, and often arrives at the office ready for a rest.  Lilly squeezes a lot out of her week, involving herself in school activities, keeping fit, regularly visiting the theatre as well as knocking up gastronomic delights for her friends and family.


Michelle Ruther

Business development manager

  • Michelle Ruther
  • Business development manager
  • Working alongside the Sales Managers, Michelle is the go-to lady for quotations, tender preparations and PQQ’s. With an in-depth knowledge of landscaping, pricing and purchasing, Michelle is best placed to support the customer with great after sales service. Her keen organisational skills enable her to keep a watchful eye over several projects at any one time, remaining calm and collected whilst accomplishing incredible feats of human time management.

    And to wind down? After work Michelle makes a beeline for the gym for a gruelling Boot Camp workout –someone needs to tell her that that’s no way to chill out!


Charlie Russell

Landscape Architect

  • Charlie Russell
  • Landscape Architect
  • Originally from Folkestone, Charlie has always had an interest in design, which brought him to Sheffield to study Landscape Architecture with Ecology at the University of Sheffield. Beyond this he continued the development of his skills with a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture.

    A member of the Landscape Institute, Charlie has been working with Timberplay since 2009, on a huge variety of innovative and challenging projects.

    He makes the most of Sheffield and its surrounding areas by taking every opportunity to reconnect with nature, walking and cycling and exploring the landscape. Aside from this he also has an interest in cars, and can often be found tinkering under the bonnet of a vintage Saab.


Steve Juggins

Maintenance Manager

  • Steve Juggins
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Steve works closely with the office based Timberplay team, heading up the maintenance team. Rising early and travelling across the UK, Steve has responsibility for visiting and inspecting Timberplay play equipment and flagging up any issues.

    Yorkshire born and bred, Steve comes from mining stock and spent 24 years working down mines before the pit closures. Quick to react to this Steve decided to try a new direction and set up as Greengrocer for the next chapter in his life. As a resilient and trustworthy Team member we are all hoping that he does not feel the need for another drastic career change.

    Away from the job he loves, Steve likes to take it easy, tending the plants in the garden or turning the pages of a plethora of military history books.


Patrica Latham

Quality, Safety,Technical

  • Patrica Latham
  • Quality, Safety,Technical
  • Patricia was the first employee of Timberplay and has been at the heart of the company since 2002. Having taken on many roles within the organisation, Patricia is now responsible for Technical issues, Quality, Health, Safety and HR. With a keen eye for detail and fastidious knowledge of all things Timberplay, Patricia is an essential member of the team.

    When she is not keeping several balls in the air within the office, Patricia can be found with a paintbrush in her hand, developing her spiritual side or striding out across the dales or the moors.