Maintenance and Spare Parts

Safeguarding the Future of Your Playground!
Nobody understands our play equipment more than we do. This is why all our staff are Certified in Inspection and Maintenance Training.

Timberplay equipment is inherently durable; however it still needs some care and upkeep to ensure that it will have a long and happy life. You have already seen that Timberplay equipment is a sure fire hit with the children it was developed for. The Timberplay Maintenance Package will ensure you playground continues to delight children for decades to come.

We have developed this package in response to demand from our customers. We he been asked to carry out maintenance inspections by many of our customers, who want a supplier they can trust to safeguard the future of their playground.

Nobody understands our play equipment more than we do. We know which parts of our equipment are likely to take more stress, which ropes are likely to wear away over prolonged use, and the best way to preserve our generous timbers. We can also identify problems quickly, working with you to resolve them before they become expensive and time consuming.