Our Service

At Timberplay we believe that the relationship is key, this underpins all we do and ensures that we approach each project or enquiry in an honest and knowledge focused manner. Our understanding of the urban space ensures we can provide effective advice, not focused on simply selling products, but rather in supporting the creation of better spaces for everyone.



  • "Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

A passionate and dedicated team of qualified Landscape Architects are at the nucleus of the business.  Far from plonking equipment down, the team take time to appreciate the nuances of the site, understanding the existing landscape so that the bespoke designs reflect this. Leading academic research, consolidated in the Simply Play Assessment Tool, is used throughout all of our play designs to ensure that Play Value is the number one factor in any of our designs for play.

Our service package includes design, installation, maintenance, aftercare and consultancy – supporting the client to deliver effective shared spaces.

As we have Landscape Architects within the business we understand how landscape architects operate, the information they need and the support that they require to create their designs. This in-house knowledge has made us an invaluable support for Landscape Architects firms and developers working on some of the most inspirational play areas and urban spaces within the UK.

We also work very closely with our international partners, Santa & Cole, Richter Spielgeräte, TransAlp and Concrete to ensure that all of our information is valid.