Leicestershire County Council top of the hill with Timberplay playground


The park is maintained by Leicestershire County Council and is very popular with dog walkers, ramblers, cyclists, runners and horse riders. The addition of a well thought out play space from Timberplay has been a key factor in widening the appeal of the country park.

Beacon Hill is the second highest point in Leicestershire, so the play development set to exploit this. The choice of equipment also offers improved elevation, affording magnificent views across open countryside. A triangular platform combination has been coupled with wobbly bridges, climbing nets and rope crossings, so children can clamber across their own hill top whist parents rest and admire the view from the adjacent seating area. A Cradle Nest swing, Jumping Discs, Double See Saw and Dwarf Hill complement this focal product combination to present a wide range of play experiences.

The equipment is nestled within a Birch copse, providing shade from the sun and protection from the wind. As well as Timberplay play equipment, the Beacon Hill site also has bespoke wooden carvings created by local artist Peter Leadbeater who serves as the park’s artist in residence. A number of characterful figures are displayed around the park, adding interest as families make their way across the expansive site.

A spokesman for Leicestershire County Council said:
“The setting is so important to Beacon Hill country park as people who come to the park want to see the many different vistas and terrains it presents. It is this wildness that makes it so popular for many activities, from bird watching and rambling to orienteering and rock climbing.

We were focused on ensuring that any play addition was not to the detriment of this rich country environment – so naturalistic equipment that respected the setting was of upmost importance to us. We think the final play areas achieve our objectives perfectly, the equipment, its positioning and the wider landscaping fits exceptionally well within the rural country park.

We are already enjoying increased numbers from families, with many visiting for the day at the weekend with picnics. This will increase further throughout the summer holidays and we are currently looking at how we can further enhance the visitor experience.”

Back in 2013, a play area was created close to the lower car park to ensure that little legs did not have too far to go. This play area has lots of equipment selected specifically for toddlers and younger children, with a hut combination, rocker and small see saw.

For further information on Timberplay, their products and services, please call 0114 282 3474 or visit www.timberplay.com.