Holiday Park Adds Timberplay Play Park


With high quality holiday homes and plots for touring caravans, Whitby Holiday Park is busy throughout their entire season. Seeking to differentiate themselves from the many alternative holiday parks in the area, the park management decided that children’s play was a very effective way in which they could increase their appeal to family visitors. They came to Children’s Play Specialist, Timberplay, to create a play area of distinction, and one that was durable enough to withstand the extreme weather of their cliff top location.

‘As a parent myself, I am well aware that if the children are happy then the parents, grandparents and carers are also happy’, says Director at Normanhurst Enterprises, the management group for Whitby Holiday Park. ‘Having seen the work Timberplay carried out at Martin Mere, I was very interested to see what they could do for us, albeit on a smaller scale.’

With a budget of £90,000 they managed to create a play area with extensive play opportunities including water and sand play, challenging pieces like the Hexagonal Tower, and high energy elements for example the Whirlwind, or the Sailing Boat, moored at the play marina with play huts and springy stepping stones and seaworthy enough to take to the stormiest seas.

‘As would be expected, we already do cater extensively for family market with cinema, children’s entertainment and family friendly shows at the park clubhouse.’, Peter continues, ‘With this play area we have been able to enhance our offering significantly, with inspiring play equipment that children are unable to resist. The feedback we have had to date has been nothing short of exceptional. I am glad that we have been able to work with Timberplay to create a play area that is unique not only for our own park, but also for the industry as a whole.’

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