Street Furniture & Lighting

By Santa & Cole

Situated near Barcelona multi-award winning Santa & Cole represent the highest standards of urban street design

Santa & Cole is organised around core themes of Strategy, Structure and Knowledge. Crucially aware of, and leading the way in, intellectual and industrial property rights (brands, designs and patents), they believe that so relevant are these “intangible assets”; that today it is far more worthwhile to be the owner of the knowledge than to be the physical producer of the products or services based on this knowledge.

For 28 years they have lived for industrial design, an art consisting of focussing on everyday objects to seek a better user experience. Urban elements; outdoor street furniture and lighting, all of the highest functional quality, beautiful aesthetics and minimum impact with an emphasis on the environment and on the future.

This explains why Santa & Cole defines itself as a knowledge industry, doing it’s utmost to generate, contract, protect and spread knowledge, expressed through physical products with fine design.

Santa & Cole continually evolve to be the best they can be, in terms of creating the best products, in the best way, minimising their impact on the world and pioneering the Smart City initiatives which improve efficiency, functionality and enhance all elements of urban life.