Damming, Channelling, Propelling

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Damming, Channelling, Propelling

You only have to see a child playing on a beach to see how much fun can be had with sand and water. Sand delivers fun in spades, and can be even more fun when combined with a water source such as a pump. You can create a play offer in a small sandpit, or in a larger ‘beach area’ for many different players at once. Timberplay can advise you on the most suitable equipment and landscaping for young children, for older children, for a combination of ages or for individuals with disabilities.

If you have a large play park area, you can also combine sand or water play with other types of feature and equipment. For instance, our Building Site encourages children to work together to transport sand around the site. Water channels, basins, pumps, springs, spouts and fountains provide endless opportunities for play, including the damming, channelling, splashing and propelling of water. As well as the sensory pleasure they produce, this equipment can teach children about gravity, mass, volume, materials and combining different materials. Timberplay’s range includes a Water Scoop, Rotating Conveyor and Archimedes Screws for learning about transporting water. Water wheels, water switches, locks and gates teach players about ways to direct and control the flow of water.

Sand and water can be used for different maths and science lessons, as well as in storytelling activities. We have equipment for use in children’s areas of public playgrounds; in urban areas and play areas situated near houses; for adventure playgrounds and attractions; near outdoor swimming pools and in water parks; nurseries, schools, children’s homes; and we even supply some equipment that is suitable for indoor use.

Combine sand and earth and what do you get? We supply play products for children to roll their sleeves up and get dirty with mud, for example, Mud Tables and Mud Kitchens, which are particularly appropriate for Early Years play areas. The learning potential of working with mud is exceptional, and as long as a water source is available to clean up afterwards.

Channelling, propelling and transporting water and other materials also gives children physical exercise. Our timber ships work well alongside sand and water and have been used in many prestigious developments across the UK, including the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, London; Priory Park, Reigate; and Daisy Nook Country Park, Oldham.

Timberplay – Serious About Play

Timberplay are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of equipment for water, sand and mud play. Our team of landscape architects will be pleased to advise you on the best ways to incorporate water, sand and mud play into a play space with maximum play value, and minimum maintenance required. We can help you with information on suitable water supplies, water quality, sustainable sources of water, and depth and volume requirements.

We supply more than 700 pieces of equipment manufactured by Richter Spielgeräte. This includes everything from high-energy equipment such as zip wires for teenagers, traditional park features such as swings, and cutting-edge pieces for inclusive play such as outdoor games tables, water play and gyms.

Our expertise means we have all the expertise under one roof, so whether you are looking for stand-alone products, or a design, installation and maintenance package, we can give you the best possible value.

Book a free play equipment consultation from Timberplay today or get in touch for further information and details.