Outdoor Wooden Play Huts

One of the first products developed by Richter Spielgeräte was the classic wooden play hut. Created with dimensions to deliver the ultimate in play value, with clear visibility for children seeing out and parents and carers seeing in. The roof and walls can all be reached by the child, meaning it is designed around the size of the child, helping them feel secure and providing the perfect space for imaginative and social play.

Wooden play huts are the perfect addition to any play space. Not only are they robust and durable, but they blend in with the natural environment seamlessly and provide the perfect inspiration for toddlers and younger children to let loose with their imagination. The enduring charm of our wooden huts means they are still one of our most popular pieces.

Who Can Benefit From a Wooden Hut?

Working from the foundations and success of the original wooden play hut, Richter have developed their range of play huts significantly, incorporating nets, slides, ladders and platforms to increase play value and provide varied play experiences. The dimensions of the huts are designed specifically around younger children and toddlers – so they sit comfortably within play spaces for younger children. They can be combined with sand play equipment to create more dynamic and exciting sand pits, or grouped with walkways to create a play village – ideal for social play and interaction.

Constructed out of Mountain Larch, our play huts are supremely durable, providing fun stimulation for many years. They are strong and sturdy and require little to no maintenance and are able to withstand heavy use without damage.

What Different Huts Are Available?

There is now a huge range of huts and combinations available – making it a supremely flexible play product. Working with landscape architects we are able to advise on the best huts to suit your needs, or suggest custom combinations to suit the theme of your play area – always finding a design that enthrals and captivates children. As experts in our field we can always find a solution to meet the specifics of the brief and, with our own installation teams at our disposal, can ensure that the final designs are well executed on site.

With our team of in-house Landscape Architects we can support our clients in creating the best landscape for play and ensuring that huts fit in well with the rest of the play space and the wider environment.

If you are looking to create a playspace for younger children then a playground hut simply is a must, and by investing in a Timberplay hut you are ensuring you are buying the best, a play hut that will delight younger children for many years.

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