Large and Special

If you are looking for a statement piece for your play area you need to browse the Large and Special section to find inspirational focal play pieces. Comprising many products from different sections, all these pieces are guaranteed to make a large impact and make your play area stand out.

Richter Spielgeräte are renowned for their designs of ships, one of their most used playships within the UK is the huge wooden pirate ship at Princess Diana Play Area Area in Kensington Gardens. Setting sail for over one million little pirates every year, this huge focal galleon incorporates a crows’ nest, nets and ladders and a system of pulleys so that children can work together in teams to transport sand on board. Timberplay are more than happy to create a bespoke play ship for you to fit your brief, and they not need be as big as this one. Daisy Nook in Oldham, for example, wanted to play on the heritage of their site as a key canal landmark so we created a play barge, housing excellent sand play opportunities.

The Art Play section includes many sculptural elements which can be adapted to fit within the brief of your project. Available in a number of sizes, the huge and heavy granite Turning Stone can be easily rotated with the touch of a finger. This can be personalised with an inscription along the centre panel, as with Angel Ridge play area in Swindon which features an engraved poem.

Waterplay can also act as an excellent play feature. One of the most recent additions to the Richter Spielgeräte waterplay collection is the Forest Fountain, a variable number of posts with different water jets at the top. These are operated by a series of pumps, all configured in a bespoke network to create a very exciting and impactful play feature, attractive to all children from young to old who will need to work together to get the maximum fun from the equipment.

Wind is another element that Timberplay and Richter seek to include in play areas, with a selection of windmills that can either be installed as standalone pieces, or as part of other products.

Animals also feature heavily in this section. Sculptural elements, for example the Lion, Rhinoceros or Elephant, bring playful characters to the space and younger children in particular will love interacting with them. Larger animals are also ideal for making a statement, the Giraffe Swing Set, Giant Elephant with Tunnel Slide, or Ornithopter all have tons or play value and succeed in making a play area more characterful.