Movement Exercises

Movement is key for any play area and the trick when designing the space is to use playful landscaping and products which motivate and challenge children to have some playful competition and to move more. As our equipment can be used in many different ways, our products will encourage children and teenagers to revisit the same play space time and time again.

With 40 years’ experience in designing play products, Richter Spielgeräte have a huge range of pieces for Climbing Swinging, Balancing, Swaying, Wobbling and See-Sawing. When you have your breath back, you can also experience the joy of Turning and Jumping. All of these products have been designed to offer variable levels of challenge and support the development of motor skills and coordination, particularly evident in their Balancing equipment.

Playful competition can be a great motivator for play, swings in pairs encourage children to see who can swing higher. Two Cableways together add a further element of competition, and also reduce queuing time for this popular piece of equipment. Running, Doing Exercise or Moving Hand over Hand all help develop key muscle groups and build confidence, also supporting better understanding of risk through challenge.