Natural Play Equipment

Timberplay design and implement amazing play and public spaces. We are dedicated to providing equipment, design and support for to create unique play environments.

Natural Play Equipment

Inspired by the natural landscape, our play equipment capitalises on natural materials to engage children in imaginary, physical and sensory play experiences. With a range of over 700 products our equipment can be designed into spaces for people of all ages and abilities, including toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, or people with special needs or limited physical mobility.

At Timberplay we supply more equipment manufactured by the world-leading natural play specialist Richter Spielgeräte. These include bespoke structures such as towers, huts and bridges, and simpler objects such as carefully crafted wooden animals and vehicles. There are products designed for sensory play such as the Impulse Spheres, Turning Circles and the Whirlpool Column, which enable a different kind of play experience. Our equipment for sand play includes the Excavator, Building Site and Sand Transporter. As a standalone piece a Playground Pump enhances any play area, or you can create a waterplay network with Mill Wheel, Bucket Wheel, Dam, Mushroom Spring or even the awe-inspiring Forest Fountain. Let your imagination be your guide.


Water is a great addition to any play space, enabling children to experiment with what happens when you combine water with earth. The creation of mud, one of the most interesting play materials around. Embrace the power of mud with a Round Mud Table or Mud Trough.

Natural play equipment can be used in projects small and large, in parks or playgrounds run by parish councils, in urban areas and at large tourist attractions. We supply equipment for use by public authorities, developers, specifiers, and attraction managers and can offer advice and support on fitting and landscaping.

Tools for serious play

Many of our designs make use of natural timber, which is aesthetically pleasing, sense stimulating and durable. Our products also utilise carefully selected and highly engineers man-made materials to deliver exceptional play value, such as reinforced rope, netting and stainless steel. They can be used year round to stimulate movement and sensory engagement.

We specialise in play in all its forms; toddler play pieces, high-energy equipment for teenagers, natural play products for children with sensory or mobility disabilities, physically demanding pieces and mentally stimulating elements. Timberplay can supply both traditional equipment including wooden swing sets and roundabouts, and specialist natural play equipment such as wheelchair accessible swings and exercise equipment for older people. Much of Timberplay’s range of equipment can be combined to produce exciting play combinations – for example, bring together a Hut Combination or Tower Combination with Inclined Climbing Net and Tunnel Slide to create a unique play piece.

Why choose Timberplay?

As the exclusive UK supplier for Richter Spielgeräte, we share the visionary manufacturer’s commitment to the life-changing potential of play. Using only the most robust and beautiful equipment, we work to make the most of existing natural surroundings and to ensure the highest levels of safety without sacrificing enjoyment or costing the earth. You can see our previous work at the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, Heartlands Adventure Playground, Alnwick Garden, Chatsworth House and Gardens, Castle Howard and many more places. We are based in Sheffield and keen to spread our knowledge and expertise with natural play equipment.

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