Park Play Equipment

Timberplay design and implement amazing play and public spaces. Our team is dedicated to supplying and maintaining inclusive and unique play equipment.

Play Park Equipment

While a play park is a place where people go for fun, it can also be somewhere to get exercise, gain new skills, develop social skills and let off steam. Park play equipment can be designed specifically for particular groups – such as teenagers, adults, older people, or individuals with particular disabilities – or with all ages and abilities in mind. It can be small, such as simple stepping stones, or as large as an outdoor gym, tower or climbing structure, depending on your budget and available space. Outdoor park equipment can be used in parks or playgrounds, in day centres and care homes and at large tourist attractions. At Timberplay, we consider playing a social necessity.

We supply play equipment from the world experts at Richter Spielgeräte. This is durable, high spec equipment for use by public authorities, communities, developers, specifiers, schools, special needs centres, landscape architects and attraction managers. Our knowledge-based team offer everything from advice and support on fitting and landscaping, to installation and aftercare, for projects of all sizes. With proper checks and maintenance, our equipment is designed to last for decades.

Who Benefits from Play Park Equipment?

A play park should promote the maximum ‘play value’ for each and every user while producing a safe environment. This means providing a maximum potential for free and self-directed play that will make players want to come back again and again. It can be designed to be integrated with the landscape, as part of a series of activities.

Some of our park and playground equipment, such as the wooden animals and accessible swings, is particularly designed for specific user groups, such as our wooden animals and vehicles for young children. Our sensory and elemental play equipment, such as singing stones and water wheels, can be enjoyed by all ages, but offer extra play value to young children and those with sensory impairments. These products are sturdy enough to take a number of players at the same time and can be chosen to allow different ages and ability to interact at appropriate levels of challenge. We supply both fully wheelchair accessible equipment and equipment that requires some level supervision, according to your circumstances. Timberplay can help with any modification needed for your play environment.

As suggested by our name, a lot of our products are made from high-quality larch timber, which is specially grown and selected for its durability, rot-resistance, and reduced splintering. While our timber equipment is not indestructible, it is pretty close to being so: it is designed to be both vandal proof and appealing to the eye and touch. Our hand-made play products also make use of steel, hardwood, reinforced rope, cement and stone to provide further resilience. This is why we are the chosen supplier for some of the most prestigious development projects in the UK.

Why Choose Play Park Equipment from Timberplay?

We supply more than 700 pieces of equipment manufactured by Richter Spielgeräte. This means everything from high-energy equipment such as zip wires for teenagers, traditional park features such as swings, and cutting-edge pieces that overcome barriers to play such as outdoor games tables and gyms. They can be used all-year-round to improve your players’ health and well-being and to increase your visitor numbers. The Timberplay range includes combination equipment, seating and walkways, along with our iconic range of towers, which all serve as the perfect focal points for your play park.

Our expertise means we have all the skills you need under one roof, so whether you are looking for stand-alone piece of outdoor park equipment, or a design, installation and maintenance package, we can give you the best possible value. Timberplay will be delighted to help you find the possible products according to your budget, play value, safety and maintenance requirements.

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