Park Play Equipment

Now that the sun is shining again children, are again clamouring to be taken to the park and playground equipment to test their skills. Outdoor play equipment can be found in parks everywhere and our high-quality playground products offer open-ended and flexible levels of challenge to enhance the park environment.

Types of equipment

Here at Timber Play, we offer a wide selection of park playground equipment to stimulate everyone, from the youngest to oldest, from the bravest to most timid.
Climbing frames are perhaps the most iconic type of wooden children’s play park equipment and come in a variety of sizes to suit any age range or area. Slides are a fun way to dismount from the equipment whilst nets, stairs and ladders challenge both the daring and cautious.
Huts and towers are a type of kids’ park equipment that stretch not only physical abilities but also the imagination – perhaps an ice-cream kiosk one visit and a castle the next.
Another popular piece of children’s park play equipment are bridges which foster confidence and balance. They can either be standalone or incorporated into a bigger combination. Combination equipment can accommodate many children of varying ages at once, providing them all with a suitable and satisfying experience.
Among our vast catalogue of park equipment for sale we have specialist equipment for wheelchair users including bridges, swings, see-saws and carousels. For older people, we have park equipment to encourage mobility and exercise such as the Turning Plate or Leg Press which adapt to the ability of the user. Public park playground equipment isn’t just for kids!
We also supply additional equipment for playing ball sports, water play, mud play and games such as pairs.


Through play children learn about their physical abilities and stimulate their imaginations. They can learn about science through playing with sand and water and maths skills such as estimating, shape recognition and counting are easily promoted.
Local Authorities and Tourist Attractions such as the National Trust know that having a park or attraction with good playground equipment encourages parents to extend their stay for longer. Providing kids playground equipment that engages and delights the children will also have them asking to come back time and again to push themselves to overcome new challenges and have more fun.


Timber park playground equipment is extremely durable and as well-established playground equipment suppliers some of our installations are now twenty years old. The timbers used are high quality and their sheer size and hardness make them very resilient to vandalism. Of course, like all park equipment, whether metal, wood or plastic, our structures require regular inspection and maintenance. With a regular maintenance program in place our park play equipment will last for years.