Since its origins back in the 1960s, Richter Spielgeräte has focused on the skills needed to create and interact with its outdoor play equipment. At Timberplay, we have drawn on this knowledge to develop a full understanding of the play potential of any outdoor space.


While Richter originally focused on hand-crafted wooden towers, animals and vehicles, they have now added a range of combination play pieces such as Ships and Castles, which include slides and swings, along with acoustic and sensory play pieces, fully-accessible equipment for people and disabilities, and products designed for older adults. These pieces make use of mountain-grown larch, which is especially resistant to rot and splintering, along with the toughest and most durable stainless steel, concrete, stone and cable. Specific timbers are chosen according to eight quality criteria, and play equipment made from larch timber generally stands on galvanised steel feet.

Timberplay’s platforms can be combined with huts and towers to make eye-catching focal points for your outdoor play area. They can be installed as the centerpiece of a small play installation that incorporates a slide, inclined wall, climbing net and fireman’s pole. This type of platform provides an incentive for movement and climbing and gives players a meeting place and vantage point. It can be fitted with a roof for inclement weather. These play pieces are ideal for areas where a number of children will be using the equipment at one time, such as in a school or public playground.

The Small Platform Hut is ideal for smaller children and encourages climbing and role-playing games as players access two cosy, sheltered rooms. The roof allows a climbing rope to be attached, and the hut can be combined with a slide and sand play area for use in smaller outdoor spaces. Larger huts and platforms can be combined with link pieces such as walkways and bridges, to provide versatile play opportunities for older children. This gives players an incentive to return to your outdoor play park time and time again.

We offer guidance on the surfacing requirements for each type of equipment, where relevant. All our equipment meets the European Standards for Playground Equipment (EN1176).

About Timberplay

With more than 700 pieces of play equipment, Timberplay can help you create an exciting and multi-functional play environment, and won’t compromise on quality, safety, service levels and value for money. Our equipment is used in projects small and large, including some of the most prestigious play areas of recent years. We provide all the relevant product information, including measurements, play functionality, materials and maintenance and installation guidelines. Some items can be adapted for a particular user group or space. Due to the quality of our products, maintenance will always be kept to a minimum and you can expect our unique play pieces to last for many years to come.
Choose to buy outdoor play equipment from us and our service doesn’t end when it’s installed. We are on hand to support our clients with any new or emerging safety issues and to provide spare parts to keep the equipment working in the long term.

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