Sounds and Acoustics

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Sounds and Acoustics for Serious Play: Outdoor Musical Playground Equipment

In a world in which technology lures us away from direct experiences of the world and each other, outdoor musical instruments encourage us to delight in our senses and environment. The most sophisticated equipment is durable and versatile enough to be used by everyone from young children to older adults. They start with triangles and bells and range to giant chimes and elements that create a full acoustic landscape or musical playground. Playing with sound and acoustics helps adults and older children to relax and engage with their surroundings, and allows people with sensory or mobility impairments or disabilities to play on their own or together with minimal supervision. Younger children can experiment with sound and learn about cooperation as they work together to produce musical effects. Outdoor musical instruments can be used effectively in many locations where there is room, from public play spaces to special needs centres and schools.

Sound and acoustic play equipment can be combined with other types of sensory play equipment, with landscaping features such as sensory planting, accessible paths and seating, and designed to be accessible to wheelchair users with or without assistance. However, careful planning needs to be carried out to ensure that the outdoor musical instruments work well in your environment and circumstances. At Timberplay, we are passionate about the possibilities of outdoor play, we will have great pleasure in helping you to incorporate outdoor musical instruments into your play area, whatever the scale and budget of your project.

Timberplay Outdoor Musical Instruments for Playgrounds

At Timberplay, our sound and acoustic play equipment provide a dazzling variety of possibilities. These include stand-alone pieces that can serve as features for your play areas, such as our singing stones, wind pumps, musical paths, bell towers and water walls. Our comprehensive range of musical instruments include pieces that players can use individually or together such as a Turning Stone and outdoor ‘phones’. They are engineered to be both extremely durable natural materials that and provide aesthetic pleasure: for instance, the Stone and a Wind Harp, Stone Xylophone, and Melodic Fence add sculptural aspects to your play park. All of our outdoor musical equipment allows people who are often dependent on carers or others to enjoy a self-determined and social activity, and for others bring a sense of playfulness and joy into everyday life.

Some elements are recommended for use with supervision or particular age ranges while others, such as the Wind Pipes, can be used by any playground user. These include three, ground level see-saw beams, which can be moved independently from each other to create six different notes in the underground musical pipes. Sound Cushions allow those without mobility problems to create tones by jumping on, or running over, the cushions. A sequence of sounds and squeaks will be produced depending on the order you step on them. As the sound cushions are anchored rather than embedded you can change the tones they produce whenever you like.

Outdoor music equipment offers great value, different levels of interaction, and provides a restful space for parents and carers. Many of the products can also be combined together to produce a flow of activities.

Why choose Timberplay for Music Playground Equipment?

We supply more than 700 pieces of equipment manufactured by the world-leading German play specialist Richter Spielgeräte. This includes everything from toddler play pieces to high-energy equipment for teenagers, and natural play equipment that makes use of sand, water and mud. We are equally happy to help with a stand-alone piece of traditional equipment such as swings for a community playground or provide a large and special combined play structure for a visitor attraction. Our team can even supply products for an outdoor gym or games area that is designed especially for older adults. All our play equipment can be used stimulate movement and sensory engagement and are designed to last for many years, often with minimal maintenance. Our service package includes design, installation, maintenance, aftercare and consultancy, supporting the client to deliver shared spaces.

At Timberplay we have a dedicated sales and landscape architect team who will work closely to ensure that the best combination of products and surfacing are selected to fit your needs in terms of maintenance requirements, health and safety considerations and intended audience or client group. Representatives can come out to visit your site and build a master plan, ensuring all regulations are adhered to whilst delivering plans that offer the highest level of play value.

To request a brochure or for more information on creating a musical playground, contact the team at Timberplay today.