Swinging, Swaying, Rocking

At Timberplay, play value is the most important thing across all the different types of equipment we offer.

Swinging, swaying, rocking (wobbling and see-sawing)

Some play park equipment is principally designed to offer opportunities for movement and surprise. Swings of all types, cableways/zip wires and climbing frames in exciting configurations will give players the chance to unwind as they enjoy swinging, swaying and rocking on their own or in competition with others. Along with suitable landscaping features, children will gain exercise without it feeling like hard work, and at the same time they will improve their motor skills, and develop strength, balance and coordination. This type of high-energy equipment is key to encouraging players of all ages to use a play space as it brings an element of challenge. The challenge to you is bringing in the right combination of equipment to engage a variety of ages and abilities to want to return time and time again.

Timberplay is the UK supplier for Richter Spielgeräte, who have a huge range of equipment for climbing, swinging, balancing, running, swaying, wobbling, sliding, see-sawing, turning and jumping. Our team includes Landscape Architects who can advise you on the best ways to incorporate these features into an outdoor space for maximum play value all year round, whichever user groups you have in mind. We can advise you on the most appropriate pieces for play areas of all types, including community playgrounds, adventure play areas at attractions and historic landscapes.

Our unique Balancing Disks, Bouncing Flowers, and Swinging Scales, along with specially-designed see-saws, bridges, and hut and tower combinations provide exciting challenges for younger players. The beautiful Wooden Animals, Vehicles and Whirligigs, wooden houses, small swings and slides are all suitable for toddlers.

Older children will enjoy more challenging equipment, which promotes motor skills and coordination and the development of social skills as they negotiate shared equipment. The huge Triple Beam Swing adds high energy fun, as the three beams respond to one another to create an exciting ride. The swing is able to hold significant numbers at any one time, so it is perfect for a play area with very high visitor numbers. The Cable Way also adds an alternative thrill, one that children will struggle to resist.

Our iconic combined play and climbing structures, such as the timber ships, make excellent landmarks for your outdoor play areas. We can advise you on pieces that provide multiple levels of challenge for different users, such as the cradle Nest Swing, which can be used by players with disabilities with supervision. We also have a range of classic play pieces that have also been adapted specifically for inclusive play, for example, the Wheelchair Carousel, the Wheelchair See Saw and Accessible Swing.

Why choose Timberplay to supply your play park equipment?

Our range of more than 700 pieces offers something for everyone: from toddler play pieces to sensory play equipment and even a gentle gym for older adults. Every aspect of the equipment from Richter Spielgeräte has been designed for maximum play value. As suggested by our name, wood is a key element, because it is cool in summer, warm in winter, aesthetic, tactile, durable and exceptionally tough. The mountain-grown larch we use is ideal due to its resistance to splintering and fungal attack. We offer guidance on the surfacing requirements for each type of equipment, where relevant. All our equipment meets the European Standards for Playground Equipment (EN1176).

We are passionate about play and will work flexibly with you, in whatever way you want us to. Our team will be pleased to help with all aspects of play equipment, including recommended fall heights, and information on installation and maintenance. Because we are specialists, we can work with you directly in the most cost-effective ways, providing you with advice rather than a hard sell. Timberplay products have been used in prestigious developments across England and Wales, such as the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, Chatsworth House and Gardens, and Knebworth House. Timberplay’s outdoor play equipment is perfect for all sorts of projects where high quality and durable equipment is needed.

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