The ultimate guide to play equipment

This ultimate guide will explain all of the products and services that Timberplay has to offer, including their iconic wooden outdoor play equipment. The Timberplay team use their equipment and products to create innovative and unique projects that strive to provide spectacular spaces for children of all abilities. Timberplay works with talented and experienced landscape architects that transform spaces into exciting and active areas, which can be specially designed to suits specific requirements, including creating fully inclusive spaces for children with disabilities, or even for older people who need to exercise without exerting too much energy.

The distinctive look of Timberplay equipment and projects means that several public authority play spaces will become destination play areas, and those in leisure attractions positively impact on visitor numbers.

Who will use this equipment?

As you may expect, the main users of Timberplay products are children, from toddlers to teenagers and with all levels of ability. The strength and durability of Timberplay products means that anyone can clamber on board, no matter how big the child, or the inner child!

Their extensive range of over 700 pieces of kid’s playground equipment ensures that developers, specifiers and attraction managers can find the perfect product to suit the ages of those for whom the space is intended. Older children may gravitate towards the larger Timberplay pieces such as ‘large and special’, which are often used as a focal point in a play area, or high energy thrilling products, for example the Queen Swing or Belt Path. The extensive range of toddler play pieces are perfect for younger children who are just beginning their adventure into outdoor play.
Timberplay products can also be very beneficial to children with disabilities. The range of innovative play products are designed to help and suit children with sensory mobility disabilities, products such as ‘nest swings’ and the dedicated ‘Wheelchair Swing’, a special needs swing A well designed play space will include equipment that has multiple levels of difficulty and differing levels of interaction, so will provide stimulation and play for children of all levels of ability.
Timberplay can also offer a huge variety of sensory play equipment, ideal for children with sensory disabilities, including acoustic play pieces, for example Wind Chimes. These not only provide great play value but also add a great playful acoustic backdrop for the play area.
There are also products designed to appeal to adults and older people seeking to keep their body and mind active.

Equipment such as gentle gym areas allows for a perfect space to work out at your desired pace. In line with this, Timberplay also uses other pieces of equipment to keep the mind active too, marble table game and Kling Klang discs are great examples of this.

Who should buy this equipment?

Timberplay work alongside many different customer groups, from commercial housing developers and large tourist attractions, through to local authorities parish councils and friends of groups. One of their key customer groups is Landscape Architects and Specifiers who recognise and respect the quality of the Richter range. When working with Leisure Attractions, Timberplay’s Landscape Architect team can support the design and development of a commercial playground that meets their needs.

The experience that Timberplay has, through many previous bespoke and wide ranging projects, means the team not only provides creative products but, with a strong Landscape Architect team, will also be able to offer support and advice on fiting and appropriate playful landscaping.
Local Authorities and community groups chose to work with Timberplay to create a more holistic play area, one that creates a pleasant ambience through landscaping alongside play products. These play areas are far more popular, providing a challenge for children and a restful environment for adults and carers.

How and why does Timberplay equipment help children?

The benefits of Timberplay products are huge in regards to children’s physical and mental wellbeing. The aims for many pieces of equipment are to stimulate children physically and mentally, motivating children to engage with the equipment, de-stressing from daily pressure and use their brain in a different way to tackle the variety of experiences the equipment yields.
The variety of equipment and the large bespoke structures create engaging and exciting sections for children to imaginatively explore, for example: towers, huts and bridges create a much more interesting atmosphere for children to interact with, whilst the animal and vehicle themed products can provide the perfect way for a child’s imagination to flourish.

How does the equipment help with new skills and education?

The risk and challenge inherent within the Timberplay range motivates children to sharpen their communication skills, negotiating with one another in order to safely share the equipment. Waterplay is particularly good at fostering social skills and cooperation as children work together to pump and transport the water around the system.

The Equipment we offer

Timberplay offer over 700 products, suitable for a wide range of user groups and environments.
The children’s outdoor play equipment that Timberplay offer can be broken up into categories; ‘large and special’, encompassing large tower combinations and bespoke structures. This high impact equipment works particularly well as the focal point of the play area. ‘Bridges, huts and houses’ are a very popular mainstay of the Timberplay range, perfect for imaginative play.We also offer ‘animal and vehicle’ themed pieces, which can work well within more themed play areas and also work well for role play etc. Alongside these there are also more traditional pieces, such as wooden swing sets and carousels, which are always popular.
More specialist products like disabled playground equipment designed for people with disabilities include wheelchair accessible swings, sensory stimulating pieces like acoustic products and materials like sand or mud. These special needs playground equipment allow for a more enjoyable playground experience for children with differing abilities. Timberplay understand the need for inclusive playground equipment, that is accessible and is designed to involve children or people with disabilities.

Contrastingly, a selection of products is designed for old people who need to exercise at a slow and gentle pace, things like rowing machines and leg press machines that will require less energy, but remain keeping the body active.
Many of the products can also be combined together to form ‘combination equipment’, this creates a flow of activities for the children and is a more stylish way to incorporate the specific pieces you desire in your play-park.

Movement is a fundamental part of much of the Timberplay equipment, Products respond as the child uses it, both in a traditional way such as with a classic wooden swing sets or playground slide, but sometimes the movement can be more surprising, for example with the Queen Swing or the Triple Beam Swing.

Where can Timberplay be used?

Timberplay sits well within a natural environment, its wooden play products seamlessly fit into a leafy background and would work best with a loose fill safety surface, such as wood chippings. This would be the ideal setting, however, where this is not the case Timberplay are able to work within the confines of any outdoor play areas to provide varied play experiences to enhance the setting.

How can children use this equipment?

Our outdoor playground equipment is designed to offer the highest level of play value as possible. Products like, huts, houses and towers create a great space for children to play classic games like hide and seek or tag, whilst other pieces of equipment like wooden animals and vehicles add a themed element for outdoor play sets. These differences ensure that whatever way your child likes to play, they can enjoy the park to its full capacity. More innovative products include mud, sand and water to add unbeatable play value to any play area. The addition of mud, sand or water inspires children to get involved within natural materials and have fun in the process.

Purchasing products for your site

At Timberplay we have a dedicated sales and talented Landscape Architect team who can work closely on your project to ensure that the best combination of products are selected to fit your needs. Representatives can come out to visit your site and build a masterplan, ensuring all regulations are adhered to whilst delivering plans that offer the highest level of play value.

About Timberplay products

Provided by German play specialist, Richter Spielgeräte,
Timberplay’s wooden children’s outdoor play equipment is produced using carefully selected wood and materials, ensuring supreme durability.
The dedication, creativity and talent within the team at Timberplay and Richter Spielgeräte, ensures each element of children’s playground equipment is carefully designed with the user in mind, from a child who needs to let off some steam after a hard week at school, to a child with a restrictive disability. Our extensive range of over 700 products ensures Timberplay can provide products and support to create exceptional play spaces for any environment.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team, to begin your journey towards your inspirational play space.