Water Channels, Water Basins, Mud Tables

Timberplay create amazing play and public spaces. Our team are dedicated to supplying and maintaining inclusive and unique play equipment.

Water Play

Children are fascinated with water, and playing with water allows them to develop their senses and knowledge as they explore the world around them. Water is the element that captures our imaginations more than any other. Children of all ages who interact with water have the chance to become absorbed in play, learn about the environment and cooperate with each other. So much so that we believe that every play park should have a water supply or water play feature.

There are many different ways for players to interact with water; it can be experienced as mass, as a volatile element and as something that cools us down! It transports us in a boat, or powers a wheel, and we can find ways to move it about. We can listen to sounds or look for patterns on the surface of a body of water, or find ways to create patterns and sounds ourselves. We can float objects on the surface or get more immersed by splashing ourselves and each other (on a warm day!). The Timberplay range of water play equipment can be used alongside water channels and water basins in children’s areas of public playgrounds; urban areas; play areas situated near houses; adventure playgrounds and attractions; outdoor swimming pools and water parks.

To transport water, we offer many products, including the Archimedes Screw. This classic device has a modular design and can be configured in different ways to move water from one level to another using a turning action. The Rotating Conveyor, Scooping Wheel and Nautilus Snail all allow players to easily move water and watch it flow.

The See-saw Pump, Little Whale and Pedal Pump combine traditional play pieces with water for an exciting twist. Water Jets, Splash Pumps and Water Push Buttons with Spraying Heads are ideal for warmer days and outdoor water parks or swimming pools. All the metal components of these water play items are made from stainless steel, which can be treated with a steel alloy if they will be exposed to chlorine.

We have a number of large and special play items that make use of water (without requiring immersion) and which will provide centrepieces for your play area. These include the iconic Forest Fountain and the Water Building Site, which are guaranteed to bring in new players to your site. Our water play equipment can be mixed with other elements, for instance with the Mud Tables and sand play equipment. The Water Disk and Whirlpool Column allow your visitors to enjoy the visual appearance and feel of water in new and exciting ways. These can even be used indoors, in reception areas of buildings, as well as in outdoor locations.

Our range of water wheels, switches, water channels, water basins, gates and locks, teach children about ways to harness water power, learn about cause and effect, and to redirect the flow of water. These pieces provide excellent value for money and don’t require players to get wet so they can be used all year round. Just ask our team for more information on how these, and many other possibilities, can be incorporated into your play area.

Timberplay – serious about play

We supply more than 700 pieces of equipment manufactured by Richter Spielgeräte. This includes everything from high-energy equipment such as zip wires for teenagers, traditional park features such as swings, and cutting-edge pieces for inclusive play such as outdoor games tables, water play equipment and gyms. Together, they can be used all-year-round to improve your players’ health and wellbeing and to encourage them to return time and again. The range includes combination equipment, seating and walkways, along with our iconic range of towers, which serve as the perfect focal point for your play park. We will be pleased to supply you with any additional equipment you may require.

Our expertise means we have all the knowledge and skills under one roof, so whether you are looking for stand-alone products, or a design, installation and maintenance package, we can give you the best options to suit your budget. Timberplay will be delighted to help you find the possible products according to your budget, play value, safety and maintenance requirements.

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