Wooden Playground Equipment

Wooden Playground Equipment

Timberplay is a leading designer of play experiences for children of all ages and is a noted supplier of long-lasting equipment for play areas. The environments that Timberplay design enable children to expand their awareness of the world around them, build up their social skills and increase their confidence. The team aim to create magical community spaces that offer an outstanding atmosphere whilst complementing the finest natural surroundings and complying fully with safety standards and optimising enjoyment.

The Benefits of Choosing Wood

There are many big advantages to investing in wooden playground equipment. Wood adds a sensory element to the product, pleasant to the touch, warm in the winter and cold in the summer. In this way it is superior to metal or plastic products, plus it also sits more harmoniously within natural environment. In addition, wood can be very hard wearing, particularly the species that Richter Spielgerate use within their designs; Mountain Larch, Robinia and Oak. When you opt for children’s wooden playground equipment, you can normally expect to derive years of use from it before it needs to be replaced.

Richter and Timberplay give great consideration to the environment, using pioneering techniques rather than potentially harmful chemicals to improve the lifetime of their products.

Our Unique Product Range

With our own in-house Landscape Architects you can be assured that every project developed by Timberplay will be one of a kind. We carefully consider the specific requirements of the environment and exploit the natural play potential to create stand out, award winning play spaces.

Utilising Richter Spielgeräte’s extensive product range, Timberplay present over 700 products that fall into categories including water, sand, mud and movement. The movement range includes a variety of swings and slides including high-energy solutions for older children. The other categories include Free Standing Bridges, Huts and Houses, Towers, Combination Equipment, Large & Special, Animals and vehicles and sensory experiences. The products in the Sensory Experiences range are designed to capture the imagination of children and adults alike. There are also dedicated ranges available For People with a Disability and stimulating and fund products for Older People.

Timberplay is the ‘ideal partner

Timberplay is a market-leading supplier of wooden playground equipment, public realm projects and inspirational play spaces. The team have supplied solutions for some of the best-known names and brands in the landscape architecture, leisure and tourism sectors and consistently win repeat contracts from satisfied clients. They are a trusted partner of many of the UK’s most respected firms of Landscape Architects.

Get in Touch

Contact Timberplay today to learn more about our wooden outdoor playground equipment designed with children of all ages in mind. E-mail info@timberplay.com, call 0114 282 3474 or use the contact form on the site. Why not find out more about how Timberplay can help you create a magical outdoor space today?