Centerparcs – Whinfell Forest

Timberplay have been working with Centerparcs for many years, providing play facilities for all of their UK Villages. The development at Whinfell Forest was to replace one of the original play areas which had taken significant footfall over the past decade.

 Center Parcs are always keen to replicate the forest surroundings within their play areas, with natural landscaping features and equipment to complement the setting.

The large area needed to provide challenging play opportunities for children from babies through to teenagers, so equipment was chosen to provide multiple levels of challenge. There is a sand play area, created specifically with toddlers in mind, with building site for shifting sand, platform house, twin toddler swings and wooden snails and sheep.

A large cable way never fails to delight as older children and teenagers push it to the limit, and smaller children grow in confidence as their speed increases. The Climbing Forest provides exceptional challenging play for a wide range of children, with different activities presented in one large bespoke piece. The Climbing Forest is also perfect for entertaining large groups of children, easily accommodating many children at any one time and therefore reducing queues for other choice pieces. Children can make their way from one end to the other negotiating other users, clambering over nets, and balancing over beams and rope bridges, till they reach a combination of lofty towers complete with pyramid tower and tunnel slide.

In amongst other carefully selected play equipment, the site also offers acoustic play with a sound roller and sound cushions.

Timberplay Equipment:                Small building site, platform house, snail, standing sheep, resting sheep, twin swing, bespoke climbing forest, hexagonal platform, climbing net, inclined wall, rope bridge, tunnel slide, modified climbing structure, cradle nest, cableway, rotating disc, sound roller, sound cushions, sand pit.

Clare Winsor, Project Technician, Center Parcs:-

“Working with Timberplay has been a dream, very smooth from start to finish. Throughout the process we have had the guidance and support we needed to ensure we got the best play area for the space and we are over the moon with the finished results. The equipment and the quality of the play area is astounding and we know that our guests will be very happy with the provision. The first guests to use the play area gave universally positive feedback and we have no doubt this will continue.”

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