Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

Since opening in 2000, over 750,000 children each year have been enraptured by the Peter Pan inspired play area at the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, in Kensington Gardens. Over the years further play features have been added to the play area which has increased its appeal as a place for never ending childhood adventures.

At the heart of the play area is a huge wooden pirate ship where children can imagine taking this huge vessel to the high seas in search of treasure! In addition to imagination skills the boat is a great place to climb high above the oceans into ropes & netting to look out for any sea dogs that may come searching for bounty! Then a good search below deck, peeking through round port holes is what´s needed to ensure there are no nasty attacks from below!

This bespoke pirate ship has been hand crafted from oak and made in the Richter factory in Germany. Pulley systems on board and on the beach allow children to interact and work in teams in attempting to refloat the beached vessel.

In true Peter Pan style this ‘Neverland´ play area has some highly original features to ensure that children who visit never want to grow up! Teepees in the middle of trees mean that children can step straight inside JM Barrie’s book and make believe being Native Americans.

Several small Playhouses provide places for children to hide and take shelter or perhaps make new friends and make up endless role play games. A sensory zone is weaved into the landscape and includes musical instruments such as Dance Chimes that children can jump on. Of course no pirate theme would be complete without sand, boulders and water from the Playground Pump to create a wonderful beach playscape.

The well thought out original design was put together by landscape architects and master planners, Land Use Consultants in conjunction with Timberplay. It was created to provide a playscape where less able and able-bodied children can play together and seeks to provide for their physical, creative, social and educational development. In addition to the big pieces of play equipment more subtle use of play sculptures and landscaping set against the lush backdrop of trees and planting aims to provide a highly inclusive playscape for the whole family.

This children’s wonderland opened on the 30th June 2000, in memory of the late Princess. Located next to her Kensington Palace home, the playground is a fitting tribute for a Princess who loved the innocence of childhood.

Thankyou to LUC for the images

For more information on the Princess Diana Memorial Playground please visit www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/kensington-gardens/things-to-see-and-do/sports-and-leisure/diana-memorial-playground

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