Handyside Gardens, Kings Cross

A high profile development in Central London, the Kings Cross project sought to redevelop the area behind Kings Cross station which was in much need of investment. The new space has 50 new buildings, encompassing 3.4 million square feet of business space and 2000 new homes. With all these new residents it was important that the space also included green spaces and play, and Townshend Landscape Architects were retained to work on several of the open spaces, which make up 40% of the entire development.

In developing Handyside Gardens, a landscaped garden space which includes varied play opportunities to appeal to a wide age range. They chose to include the Atlantida Water Fountain from Santa & Cole. Arturo Villalba from Townshend comments on why:-

“Handyside Gardens is set alongside the canal, which is well used by walkers and runners. We felt it was important to provide some freely accessible refreshment for those just passing through and also those who lived in the new development. The Atlantida is such a simple and attractive design it fits in perfectly well with the space.”

Although the park is relatively small it was important that it provided the variety of play equipment necessary to stimulate children from the very young through to older children. A sand area has a wide appeal, encased with an imaginative wooden sand snake, providing much needed seating for parents and carers.

The Kings Cross development was also the first site in the country to install the Climbing Labyrinth, a sculptural climbing piece suitable for children of 3 and over. The park, with its canalside location, uses water throughout, with several small channels. An innovative mushroom water pump delights children and provides exceptional play value. A Tower Combo with slide is also the perfect lookout point to survey the scene and admire the views before sliding down for more action and a robust twin swing completes the play provision.

Credit to John Sturrock for the images provided

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