Little Wormwood Scrubs Adventure Playground

The Phase 1, £400,000 development of a play area in Little Wormwood Scrubs, West London was initiated to improve the existing play area for the children of Kensington, Chelsea and the surrounding areas.

It was important that the play area was suitable for children of all ages and abilities, and that it was completed within a short time frame before the start of the Summer holidays.

Timberplay worked with the Children’s Forum, which brings together local children aged 5-13 from the start of the consultation process to create a bespoke design for the area.

The children were instrumental in making the adventure playground designs suitable for all children, including those in wheelchairs or with disabilities.

Certain key pieces of equipment, like the Pyramid Structure and the Inclined Climbing Panel were adapted to make them more accessible, and the sensory and landscape elements of the finished playground ensure it is enjoyable for all playground users.

The play area opened at the start of July 2009 and attracted 500 children on the first day. Since then it has averaged around 150 children per day.

Paul Williamson, Head of Extended Services at the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, who leads on the Play Pathfinder programme in Kensington and Chelsea, comments:

“As Timberplay structures are constructed primarily from timber, they suited the environment of Little Wormwood Scrubs exceptionally well. We also appreciated the way Timberplay embraced the existing landscape to create as many opportunities for natural play as possible. The nearby trees have been incorporated into the design to provide scope for climbing and exploring.

We are delighted with the finished playground, as are the children who are travelling from the surrounding area to make the most of the adventure playground.”

This development is the first large adventure playground to be opened under the Pathfinder initiative, and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are keen to use this project as a flagship for the wider community.

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