Bridges, Walkways, Ladders and Crossings

Timberplay offer a huge selection of timber bridges which can either be installed as stand-alone play items to span waterways or paths or within a configuration of other play equipment, interlinking play products and facilitating playful movement between the two. Alongside the bridges, clients can also select walkways, ladders and nets – all perfect for providing different levels of challenge to make the play opportunities more stimulating for children across a wide age range.

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One of Timberplay’s more high profile bridge installations was the creation of the network of huge timber wobbly walkways The Alnwick Garden. This high impact configuration of walkways is one of the must see attractions within the North East, surrounding the incredible Tree House which houses the restaurant. This installation shows just what can be achieved with timber bridges alone, creating a tree top bridge network which is not only a thrilling adventure for children, but also enjoyed by adults, plus it is wheelchair friendly.

At the other end of the spectrum, interconnecting bridges can be used to great effect within smaller play areas. The addition of a bridge can add to the role play element of the play area, creating opportunities to sharpen your pirate’s cutlass or adventuring skills. Moreover, the presence of a bridge or walkway can support the development of social skills, as children negotiate passing one another.

Timberplay and Richter Spielgeräte always advocate having more than one entrance or exit point for a piece of equipment. Some children will feel nervous if their only route to exit is blocked by another child and having more than one exit point reduces this anxiety significantly. Ladders, crossings, bridges and walkways are essential in fulfilling this within their design configurations.

In terms of free standing bridges, Timberplay offer a Bow Bridge which necessitates the user to step up and down to make their way across the bridge, as well as Suspension Bridges. Smaller walkways, bridges, rope bridges and linking nets are abundantly available to ensure the ideal product can be found to fit in with each project.


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