Inclusive Play

Within all of their designs Timberplay seek to include inclusive equipment, so that children of all abilities can gain some stimulation from playing. In addition to wheelchair accessible equipment, there are also several playing materials which children with limited mobility or development can benefit from, albeit with some adult supervision and support.

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Many inclusive playgrounds are now choosing to include some waterplay equipment, as children of all abilities appreciate the stimulation that waterplay can provide. Water channels, pumps and water wheels can all be configured in a disability friendly manner, so that children or all abilities can work together to have a gratifying play experience.

Our Landscape Design team can work with project managers or special needs centres to create wholly inclusive playground design, selecting the most suitable play equipment to suit the disability of the children, and placing these within suitable landscaping, which can include wheelchair friendly bridges and walkways, or even sensory paths.

Acoustic play pieces pieces are also particularly suitable for disabled children who can readily operate the pieces to create pleasing sounds, rattles and bells, which not only delight the user, but also add a sound landscape to the space. Dance Chimes or Wind Pipes, for example, can be activated by a wheelchair rolling over them. Other senses can be stimulated with the Scented Organ, or Waterdish.

All inclusive playgrounds need to include a good mix of equipment, and Richter pride themselves on offering products which are ideal for children with a disability, but are can also be used with children without. As Richter believe in offering equipment that has multiple levels of challenge that can be stimulating for a wide range of children, a lot of it will offer some level of interaction for all children. The cradle nest swing is one such piece of equipment, which is appropriate for all children, including disabled children although they may need some parental support to get onto the piece. Alternatively the dedicated special needs swing, the Wheelchair Swing, would be more appropriate for special needs centres. The rocking and swinging of this fully accessible swing can have a soothing effect, and ground level access to the swing is possible via a ramp and the wheelchair can be securely locked into the gondola.


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