Monkey Bars

There is no greater feeling of achievement than that of a child mastering the monkey bars, supporting their weight as they plot their way from one side to the other. This is no mean feat! It takes patience, perseverance and commitment to push yourself to grapple your way over the bars, particularly when the monkey bars are at height.

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A timeless play feature, monkey bars are still irresistible to children now as they were many decades ago which is why Richter Spielgeräte and Timberplay still offer them on many pieces of equipment. They work particularly well when placed alongside bridges, walkways and ladders, so children are presented with many different options for moving round the equipment and can pick the right mode to suit their own particular level of confidence.

In addition to using Monkey Bars in the conventional way, many children also love to suspend themselves below monkey bars, hanging weightlessly as the blood rushes to their heads and admiring a reverse view of the world. Or for those looking for an extreme challenge, there is always the option of taking the very bold option of making your way over the top of the monkey bars, but this requires exceptional balance and coordination and nerves of steel.


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