Nets have been a critical part of the Richter product range since they were established, as they are a very flexible play element which can incorporated alongside many pieces of equipment. They are also very important within their range of Climbing Structures and Climbing Forest. As with all elements within the Timberplay product range, the ropes have been designed and selected as they offer maximum durability, so will ensure they withstand the weather and heavy use alongside the hefty timbers and other components of their products.

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Nets are a particularly useful play element as they can be included on many products and present irregular challenging play opportunities. Children have to apply thought to the best way to tackle nets, giving consideration on where they should place their foot next to ensure successful completion of the equipment. Equally, ropes when used within trim trails or climbing structure offer flexibility as they move in relation to body weight and movement. Children need to work with this to master the play challenge.

Timberplay use Corocord® ropes of the Hercules type which has a steel core. This rope incorporates 6 thick strands which are abrasion protected as the rope element is heated and melted onto the steel core. The clamps used to create nets from the rope are ‘S’ clamps, which ensure the shape of the net is retained, even after heavy use. Other fastening elements are also carefully designed to prevent damage to the ropes and ensure prolonged safety.

It is no wonder that Richter place the quality of their ropes as a paramount importance as they are crucial elements within so much of their equipment, from suspension bridges through climbing structures, to rope ladders and walkways. Available in multiple colours ensures that Landscape Architects and Project Managers can always find the perfect colour to suit their needs.


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