Project Description

Bunbury Play Area

Bunbury Jubilee Playing Fields, Bunbury, Tarporley CW6 9QX

A small play area with a great big personality. Bunbury play area was two years in the making, the first year to work on the design and the second to secure the funding. The result is an outstanding community playspace that uses choice equipment and playful landscaping features to great effect.

With only 500 houses within the Village, Bunbury is a close knit community and although they did have a play area, this was looking a little tired. The ideal new site was identified on the playing fields and a committee of parents came together to create the design before Lorcan Moriaty from Newground took on the project to project manage the second stage of the design and the delivery.

The play area takes up an edge of the fields, with mounds creating a very interesting waved landscape. A bespoke platform and hut combination provides challenge for older children, and younger children can prepare for this with their own smaller play platform. A Hexagonal Swing can delight several children at the same time as they swing perilously close to each other on the tyre swing seats. A Cradle Nest Swing is always a great addition to any play area as it provides multiple levels of challenge and thrill and can used by individuals or groups. Similarly the Sailing Ship can be manned singlehandedly or a by a large and willing crew, and the movement can be anything from gentle rocking to wild seas, according to the sailors’ personal seaworthiness. A Cableway offers further thrills and is particularly attractive to older children and teenagers.

Project Manager, Beth Hayward, was also keen to make the site unique to the surroundings and this has been achieved exceptionally well. At a good vantage point and on a clear day, Beeston Castle can be spied through the trees, and to reflect this the play areas has its own mini Beeston Castle site, which is also the best place to view the notable landmark. Planks are used to span the mounds, which children love running or even cartwheeling over. A large climbing feature is placed at the centre of the playscape, affording great views and a natural climbing experience.


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