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Timberplay offer a huge range of wooden playground equipment – designed and manufactured by leading play specialists Richter Spielgeräte. Their product range comprises primarily timber play equipment, including a huge stock range. They have also worked with numerous landscape architect firms to create bespoke timber park play equipment.

Our Playground Equipment Range

Our range encompasses over 700 products, details of which can be found within the our catalogue. These are split over several categories to make it easier to navigate to what you are looking for. All our categories offer different play value and aesthetics the play categories include:

Sand – in terms of safety surfacing, sand is one of the best out there. Not only does it provide suitable cushion fall, but it also delivers exceptional play value. Popular products for sand play include the Excavator, Building Site and Sand Transporter.

Water – nothing beats water play for entertaining and stimulating large numbers of children at any one time – enabling damming, channelling and propelling. Together they pump and divert the water, learning about the properties of the material as they channel it from source. A Playground Pump enhances any play area, or create a waterplay network with Mill Wheel, Bucket Wheel, Dam, Mushroom Spring or even the awe-inspiring Forest Fountain.

Mud – what happens when you combine water with earth? Mud, one of the most interesting play materials around. Embrace the power of mud with a Round Mud Table or Mud Trough.

Movement – key for any play area. As you would expect, Timberplay offer a wide range of products for movement, from a variety of challenging Climbing Structures to the sculptural and mesmerising Turning Stone. A huge variety of Swings and Slides are also available, including the high energy Queen Swing, great for older children and teenagers. These Slides, Nets and Climbing Walls can also be combined with other pieces of equipment such as Hut Combination, to create pieces that offer many different play opportunities to swing, sway and rock.

Towers – The Pyramid Tower is a structure synonymous with Timberplay and Richter Spielgerate. But there are many other products that also serve as exceptional focal points for any play area, including the Hexagonal Tower, Climbing Forest and Hut Combinations.

Huts & Houses– The small Playing House was one of the original pieces in the Richter range, carefully designed to perfectly meet the needs and dimensions of the child. From these humble origins a veritable housing village has risen up, including Platform House and Hut Combination.

Combination Equipment – many products within the Timberplay range of Children’s play equipment can be combined together to produce exciting play structures. Together a Hut or Tower Combination with an Inclined Climbing Net and Tunnel Slide creates a unique play piece.

Free Standing Bridges – Children love a bridge, so if you have the distance to span why not consider using a Big Suspension Bridge for Wheelchair users, or even the unusual Bow Bridge?

Animals and Vehicles – Animals such as the Duck Family, Snail or Wobbly Sheep add personality to play areas and are particularly attractive for younger children. Farm Attractions could also plump for the Tractor, a robust wooden structure with endless appeal.

Sensory Experiences – Playing with the mind with a variety of products which captivate children of all ages, and even adults too. Impulse Spheres, Turning Circles and Whirlpool Column play with gravity and create optical illusions to provide a different kind of play experience. Sounds and acoustics are another effective way of pleasuring the senses.

Large & Special – For a stand out play feature that will enhance any public park or attraction. Richter Spielgeräte and Timberplay offer a huge range of suitable products, including a menagerie of tactile stroking stones, or for a large animal themed piece, the Ornithopter and the Giant Elephant with Tunnel Slide. There are a variety of Play Ships for which Richter is famed, including the Metal Ship Sand and Cutter to really make a statement.

For People with a Disability – At Timberplay we believe that all children have special requirements and try to create equipment that can offer stimulation for a wide range of needs. Many pieces of our equipment can be enjoyed by all children, for example the ever popular Cradle Nest Swing. We also offer a selection of equipment that has been designed and developed specifically for children with disabilities, including the Wheelchair Seesaw and the Small Wheelchair Carousel.

For Older People – Keeping an active mind and body is desirable for older people. For this reason we offer a selection of wooden gentle gym equipment, for example the Rowing Machine or Leg Press. We also present several pieces designed to stimulate the mind, i.e. the Klang Klang Disc or Marbles Table game.

Additional Equipment – this covers all other things, for example games like the Ball Labyrinth or Pairs, or sporting equipment like the Ball Wall and Basketball Net.

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