Combination Equipment

Timberplay works with Richter Spielgeräte, seeking to offer a variety of flexible equipment that can be combined with other pieces to create complex play structures. Wooden equipment is predominantly created in robinia or mountain larch, both selected for their inherent strength to ensure that they offer supreme durability within the UK climate.

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Huts are a staple of the Timberplay range, and consequently there are eleven Hut Combinations, which can be enhanced further with the addition of Climbing Nets, Climbing Walls or Slides. Sliding on a wide social slide for example helps promote interaction between children.

Children delight in a bridge, so where possible we would promote Bridges to link pieces of equipment or span mounds of earth.

When looking at landscaping, this could be as simple as a secured tree trunk. Or there are also a variety of more complex structural bridges such as Suspension Bridges, which can be utilised to span very tall structures. Rope Bridges can be used effectively to link smaller products, again promoting negotiation and communication as children assess how best to pass each other.

As with Bridges, Timberplay offer a huge number of options when it comes to innovative walkways and crossings. These can be utilised alongside much of our combination equipment, just speak to someone in the office to find out which would work best to suit your requirements.

There are also several alternatives when it comes to getting onto a piece of raised equipment. Ladders are the most obvious choice, but there is also the option of Climbing Nets or Inclined Climbing Walls. Combining several routes of entry delivers multiple levels of challenge, making the equipment appeal to a wider age range of children.

As well as our traditional swing sets, we also offer additional swings that can be combined with other structures, adding further play possibilities to other products.

In addition to the Combination Equipment, there is also a huge range of standalone equipment which works very well by itself. Many of our animal or vehicle pieces have been designed to sit in isolation, or in the case of our Wobbly Sheep and Resting Sheep, within a flock. Similarly the games within our Additional Equipment work best on their own.


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