Balancing is an essential part of children’s play, from toddlers to teens. Exposure to challenging balance activities promotes development of essential motor skills, so balance within movement is key to a huge variety of Timberplay equipment

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Alongside equipment, landscaping can also be very valuable in this area, with mounds, banks and slopes all serving as excellent landscape features for play. Playing with notions of balance is easily recognisable throughout the Timberplay range, the large and special range includes several pieces which specifically address balance, for example the Street Acrobats, a number of their large and unique swings and, of course, the play ships which present multiple balance activities.The very young require a great deal of interaction with balance activities in order to hone their motor skills and coordination. For this reason Timberplay equipment has several levels of graduated risk, so children can adapt their level of challenge as they grow in competence and confidence. This need for challenge stays throughout a child’s life, at each stage a child will require different play opportunities to push them and promote more advanced motor skills. Teenagers and even adults benefit from further stimulation of their balance skills, and larger pieces such as the Climbing Forest and Climbing Structures are designed to address these specific needs.

Development of balance skills need not just be confined to a play area, any space, internal or external will be ripe with balance opportunities. However, play areas present a great opportunity to provide several different challenging activities confined in a relatively small space.


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