Nothing can beat the high energy fun of racing at speed along a cableway, well, apart from when it is placed alongside another one and you can hurtle against a friend or competitor to the finish line.

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A Cableway has one of the widest appeals out of all the Timberplay products. Although designed with older children and teenagers in mind, younger children and toddlers also delight greatly in this product, although they may well require some extra supervision and support to use it safely.

The feeling of speed, riding and whizzing movement from start to finish affords great pleasure for younger and older children alike. Depending on age and experience, it is also possible for two to ride together at the same time. The way the cable is suspended between the two ends enables acceleration without the need for a run-up or pushing, and the shape of the gate enables riding to the end. In this equipment, the inclination of the cable slows down the ride. Of course, those looking to crank up the thrill can also enlist a friend to increase the acceleration accordingly.

In order to work effectively, Cableways must start at a raised point, from on top of a mound. This mound them provides further play value, offering some challenge to climb the mound, either scrabbling up the slope or using the slightly easier method of climbing up the ramp.


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