Spring to life with a wide variety of jumping products, providing great fun and hilarity as children leap from one product to the other, gaining extra height and sometimes even generating a fun noise at the same time. Jumping, alongside movement and balance, represents a key section in the Timberplay collection and includes a huge variety of products. These work exceptionally well when sited independently as part of a play trail, or alongside other play zones, for example sand and water or mud play.

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One of the most popular jumping products are jumping discs, round timber platforms mounted on strong, low springs. It is not only fun to jump on them, but one can jump off the disc in any direction, as from a springboard. The momentum which is enforced by the springs propels the jumping child quite far. Jumping from one disc to the other represents a special sequence of movements and a challenge for small children – like leaping from one lily pad to the next. In order to maximise the play value we would always recommend installing at least two jumping discs.

Similarly the popular Sound Cushions demand installation of more than one and are irresistible to children (and some adults) of all ages. Tones are produced by hopping on or running over the cushions. Surprising tone sequences are produced, interrupted by amusing squeaks. As installation takes place using ground anchors rather than foundations, the tones can be changed any time. This can surprise users who are required to create new sequences of movement to create tunes.

A Bouncing Flower encompasses a central stationary element surrounded by petals, independently sprung, so that children can either jump independently or in sequence with other children using the product.

These products all have a wide appeal, but are perhaps more suitable for younger children. A number of the products in this section are designed to be more suitable for older children. The Belt Path, for example, has a wide rubber belt rested across a roller, meaning that the users are sprung into the air in relation to the activity happening on the opposite side. This leads to unpredictable jumping, great fun and much hilarity.


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