Playful Competition

A little playful competition is a great addition to a play area. In fact, even if not explicitly designed into a scheme, children will find a way of pitting themselves against each other. A race to the roundabout, first one to make it around the climbing structure, who can swing the highest? However, there also several pieces of Richter equipment which do effectively promote playful competition, all of which are very popular across a very wide age range.

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Obstacle courses always work well to encourage a little playful competition, children of all ages can conquer the equipment at a speed that suits them, sometimes with extra support from parents, carers, or even, occasionally, kindly siblings. And what if you encounter someone else coming in the other direction? Communication and negotiation will be key skills to safely pass each other. As you would expect Timberplay offer a huge range of equipment suitable for use within obstacle courses, Jumping Discs and the Totter Beams, for example, are very popular selections.

Other pieces work particularly well when placed alongside each other. Cableways when situated as a pair not only serve the purpose of reducing the queuing time to this ever popular product but also promote fun competition. A twin swing set delivers far more play value than twice that of a single swing, as it also serves the purpose of encouraging children to swing higher against each other or to try and get into the same rhythm. Similarly, the Bell Climbing Poles spur children to clamber all the way to the top to ring the victory bell.

More exercise orientated equipment also sits well within a playground setting, particularly appealing to older children who want to challenge each other to a show of strength. Horizontal Bars work well within this brief, and younger children can also use them for hanging and swinging – although reaching them un-aided may prove problematic.

In order to create the perfect play provision, alongside classic playhouses, platforms, huts and Timberplay’s trademark towers, consider doubling up on some equipment or choosing key products to promote playful competition.


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