Sand And Water Play

You only need observe a child playing on the beach to see how much play value sand has. This is one of the reasons Timberplay and Richter Spielgeräte promote sand as one of the best safety surfaces available. Not only does it fulfil all of the necessary safety requirements, but it also delivers play value in spades, particularly when placed alongside a pump or other water source.

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The addition of water means that children can experiment with the effect water has on sand – how it makes it more mouldable, how much water should be added to create firmer structures, and how too much water results in a loss of integrity.

Similarly, mud is a wonderful play substance and one which children should be encouraged to interact with. The learning potential of working with mud is exceptional, and as long as a water source is available to clean up afterwards, the benefits for the child far outweigh the inconvenience for the parent or carer. We offer a number of play products for children to get their sleeves rolled up and get dirty with mud, for example Mud Tables and Mud Kitchens, which are particularly appropriate for Early Years play areas.

When it comes to sand we believe the bigger the better. Obviously limited space or budgets may result in a small sand pit, but this can still deliver wonderful play opportunities. A large beach effect area however is ideal, and has the benefit of being able to accommodate many children at once, An expansive sand pit can be used to create other activities, for example treasure hunts. The addition of a Building Site encourages children to work together to transport sand around the structure. Enhance this further with the addition of water channels, water basins facilitating damming, channelling, splashing and propelling of water to support greater understanding of the world.

Finally – What could be better to position alongside a large sand and water play area but one of Timberplay’s play ships


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