Ultimate Guide To Play Equipment

This ultimate guide will explain all of the wooden outdoor play equipment, aims and benefits that Timberplay has to offer. The Timberplay team use their equipment and products to create innovative and unique projects that strive to provide spectacular spaces for children of all abilities. Timberplay works with talented and experienced landscape architects that transform wasted spaces into exciting and active areas, which can be specially designed to suit the needs of children with disabilities, or to motivate older children and teens, or even provide stimulation and gentle exercise for older people

The distinctive look of Timberplay equipment and projects means that many of the new spaces become destination playgrounds for the local community and further afield.

Who will use this equipment?

As to be expected, the main users of our playground equipment are children, of all ages and physical abilities. However, our equipment is very robust so can also sometimes prove irresistible to teenagers or even adults. We also offer playground games and sensory equipment that can bring the whole family together and a range of gentle exercise equipment designed for older people.

The extensive range of kid’s playground equipment vary significantly in size, from small and manageable pieces for toddlers, for example the Dwarf Hill or the characterful Duck Family, through to ‘large and special’, such as our iconic Pyramid Tower or range of Ships or bespoke Galleons. These awe-inspiring products are often used as a focal point within a play area, an easily recognised feature for children and adults to gravitate to.

Timberplay products can also be very beneficial to children with disabilities. Many products within the range of innovative play products are designed to help and suit children with sensory and mobility disabilities, products such as ‘Cradle Nest Swings’ and a dedicated special needs swing, ’Wheelchair Swing’. The ideal play-park will include equipment that has multiple levels of difficulty and many opportunities for interaction, so are often suitable for both children and children with disabilities to enjoy together.

Timberplay can have a huge range of innovative sensory equipment, ideal for children with disabilities that affect sight or sound. These include acoustic play pieces, a range of products create sounds, for example the Wind Pump or Stone Xylophone which are wooden play products

Who should buy this equipment?

Timberplay work with several distinct customer groups. They are one of the most respected suppliers in the business and consequently are the chosen partner of many renowned Landscape Architect firms. With their own Landscape Architects working in house, we pioneer a collaborative approach to play space design, working together we support Landscape Architects in specifying the ideal combination of equipment to create stand out play spaces.

Tourist and Leisure Attractions are increasingly recognising the positive impact quality play provision can have on their visitor numbers and satisfaction levels. Able to accommodate large numbers at any one time, play areas are a great way of reducing queuing and extending dwell time. Similarly holiday parks or hotels can use Timberplay products and services to enhance facilities that encourage family guests to return time and again.

We also work with Housing Developers to support the development of better communities through better play provision. These commercial playgrounds serve to increase social interaction and create community focal points in which all residents can share. For these reasons we are also popular with Public Authorities who appreciate the value of high quality play provision.

How and why does Timberplay equipment help children?

The benefits of Timberplay products are huge in regards to children’s physical and mental wellbeing. The aims for many pieces of equipment are to stimulate children physically and mentally, enabling children to let off steam from daily pressures like school or homework whilst still keeping their minds and bodies active. The different structures, combined with playful landscaping will create engaging and exciting sections for them to explore, for example: towers, huts and bridges create a challenging and interesting atmosphere for children to interact with, whilst the animal and vehicle themed products can provide the perfect way for a child’s imagination to flourish.
How does the equipment help with new skills and education?

The value of play for educational development cannot be underestimated. Innovative play products enable children to experiment with maths and science, sand and water play specifically are particularly effective in aiding understanding. Swings, see-saws and roundabouts introduce younger children to concepts of physics, for example centrifugal force, balance and how pendulums work.

Climbing equipment and group products also promote better communication, social and negotiation skills – essential attributes for life. Similarly, playground games can nurture teamwork and help them understand the importance of cooperation. Playtime away from traditional classroom based learning is essential for embedding the lessons children are learning in school.

The Equipment we offer

Timberplay offer a huge range of over 700 products. Our children’s outdoor play equipment can be divided into categories; ‘large and special’ is equipment which is a focal point of the wooden outdoor play sets. Designed to be the most interesting and largest piece of the play-park, they are well suited for slightly older children due to the levels of challenge. ‘Bridges, huts and houses’ are imaginative structures which provide an exciting piece for children to explore. We also offer ‘animal and vehicle’ themed pieces to drive imagination, add character and promote role-play. Classic pieces, for example a huge range of wooden swing sets and roundabouts or carousels, remain playground essentials and are enduringly popular.

More specified products like disabled playground equipment designed for people with disabilities include wheelchair accessible swings and sensory stimulating pieces like acoustic products and materials like sand or mud. These can include special needs playground equipment, that allows for a more enjoyable playground experience for children with differing abilities. Timberplay also understand the need for inclusive playground equipment, that is accessible and stimulating for all and designed to involve children or people with disabilities

Contrastingly, a selection of products is designed for old people who need to exercise at a slow and gentle pace, things like rowing machines and leg press machines that will require less energy, but remain keeping the body active.

Many of the products can also be combined together to form ‘combination equipment’, this creates a flow of activities for the children and is a more stylish way to incorporate the specific pieces you desire in your play-park.

A key aspect of many pieces and products is movement. This is when products can move as the child plays, through the use of force by the person. This works well for many areas of play and can vary from classic wooden swing sets that are a favourite with many children, to playground slides and wooden climbing frames
Where can Timberplay be used?

Timberplay champions natural inspired play, using the natural landscape to boost play value alongside carefully chosen high quality play products. The Richter range of products has been designed to fit into a leafy background and work best with a loose fill safety surface, such as wood chippings. Because of their ability to harmonise with the landscape, Timberplay is very popular with the National Trust and other historic landscapes. However, the outdoor play areas and its equipment is suitable for many environments and can easily be designed to suit different areas and spaces that are desired.

How can children use this equipment?

The many types of equipment and outdoor playground equipment offer endless ways in which children can explore and enjoy. The products like, platforms, huts, houses and towers create a great space for children to play role play games or classic games like hide and seek or tag, whilst other pieces of equipment like wooden animals and vehicles provide areas that children can interact with in outdoor play sets, alone or with friends. These differences ensure that whatever way your child likes to play, they can enjoy the park to its full potential. As they grow, so do the challenges, ensuring children get the most out of the equipment and space whatever their age. More innovative products include mud, sand and water which infinitely boost play value within any site. The addition of a mud table, sand site or water bucket wheel allows children to get hands on experience of natural materials and have fun in the process. These additions are and excellent adaptive piece of playground equipment, because they can be used for children of all ages and abilities.
Purchasing products for your site

The team at Timberplay have a talented team of landscape architects who can work with you to select the best product selection for each project. We can carry out site visits and take accurate measurements throughout and ensure that all fall height and safety regulations are met before the project progresses, to make the process simple and easy.

About Timberplay products

All Timberplay the wooden children’s outdoor play equipment is very durable and are produced using carefully chosen wood and materials. The wood is also weather proof meaning each piece of equipment is exceptionally strong and long lasting.

The best way to purchase Timberplay products or view where the outdoor play equipment is for sale or gain any other information is to go to the ‘contact’ tab and request a brochure or send a message to a member of the Timberplay team to get more information around the products, projects and company.

The dedication, creativity and talent the team at Timberplay possess, means that each product of children’s playground equipment is carefully designed and produced with the user in mind, from a child who needs to let off some steam after a hard week of school work, to a child with a restrictive disability. With a range of over 700 products we will be able to cater to the specific requirements of any brief to create spectacular play areas.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team to begin your journey towards creating a new and innovative space.


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