A swing is a playground essential, you only need see the demand for the toddler swings in the park on a Saturday morning to recognise that fact. Swings need not only be the preserve of the very young. Timberplay offer a huge range of swings, from toddler twin swingsets through to high energy swings, such as the Queen Swing or Triple Bean Swing. These large pieces offer a thrilling swing experience, and are ideal for older children and irresistible to teenagers.

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One of the most common evolutions of the classic playground swing is the Cradle Nest Swing, a birds’ nest or basket style swing which can accommodate several children at any one time and is equally appropriate for younger children and teenagers, as it can either be used gently or very vigorously. It is also DDA friendly and can be used by children with limited mobility with adult supervision.

The impact of a children’s swing can be enhanced further by its placing within the landscape. A swing placed on top of a hill or mound can increase the excitement a swing can create, giving the user the feeling of soaring high over the playground.

Landscape Architects or Project Managers looking for a swing set will be spoilt for choice when they look through the Richter collection. Wooden swings, double swings and single swings will always be popular, but design innovation has also brought about the creation of very different configurations, for example the Hexagonal where children all face each other, perched upon tyres and can swing high to try and make contact with each other.

Children love the swinging sensation for the same reason they love slides. They help develop better balance and understanding of the world around them as both swinging and sliding stimulate the vestibular system.


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