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Timberplay Unveils Concrete-Less Climbing Structures at TimberFest 2024

Timberplay Unveils Concrete-Less Climbing Structures at TimberFest 2024

22 Apr 2024


Timberplay is gearing up for an exciting appearance at TimberFest 2024 once again however, this year we are bringing along a BRAND NEW product!

Concrete-Less Climbing!

Richter Spielgerӓte have created an exciting new alternative to concrete foundations.

This innovative new design not only provides thrilling opportunities for play, but also champions eco-conscious practices by eliminating the need for traditional concrete installations.

The decision to introduce a concrete-less climbing structure in the UK underscores Timberplay's unwavering commitment to minimising environmental impact while maximising play potential. By removing the need for concrete foundations, Timberplay aims to streamline installation processes and reduce the carbon footprint associated with playground construction, aligning with their ethos of sustainability.

But why wood? Timberplay firmly believes that wood is the ultimate material for play, and for good reason. In a world increasingly dominated by urban landscapes, the incorporation of wood into playgrounds offers children a vital connection to nature. The tactile nature of wood enhances sensory experiences, providing a rich and engaging environment for play. Moreover, wood's versatility allows for the creation of safety surfaces that effectively absorb impact without compromising on aesthetics or environmental responsibility.

At the heart of Timberplay's products lies the careful selection of wood species. The primary wood of choice is Mountain Larch, sourced from the alps of Bavaria. Renowned for its exceptional strength and durability, Mountain Larch is a testament to nature's resilience. Unlike other species, Mountain Larch boasts a reduced likelihood of hidden rot, ensuring the structural integrity of the equipment for years to come.

Timberplay's commitment to sustainability extends beyond material selection to include meticulous timber preparation processes. By utilising entire timbers and hand-finishing techniques, Timberplay ensures the longevity of their products without the need for chemical preservatives or treatments. This eco-conscious approach not only minimises environmental impact but also enhances the sensory experience for children, with irregular surfaces providing additional stimulation.

In addition to Mountain Larch, Timberplay incorporates Oak and Robinia into specific elements of their equipment, chosen for their unique qualities and suitability to intended functions. Oak, prized for its resistance to splintering and soft tactile qualities, finds purpose in ladder rungs, enhancing safety and comfort for young adventurers.

Ultimately, Timberplay's presence at TimberFest 2024 is more than just a showcase of innovative playground equipment. It's a celebration of sustainable choices, a testament to the enduring beauty of natural materials, and a reaffirmation of the importance of play in fostering children's connection to the world around them. As Timberplay continues to lead the way in eco-friendly playground solutions, they invite visitors to join them in reimagining the future of play, one wooden structure at a time.