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Waterscape Sheffield: A Journey Through Past, Present and Future

Waterscape Sheffield: A Journey Through Past, Present and Future

21 Mar 2024


Join us on 11th April 2024 as we dive into uncovering Sheffield's unique water history, hidden waterways and the ongoing efforts to make them accessible again.


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Tailored for Landscape Architects, this seminar delves into the intrinsic significance of Sheffield's waterways in the city's ongoing development. Join us to unravel the collaborative efforts among various stakeholders, ensuring the safeguarding of our waterways for the city's future. Engage with inspiring speakers who will illuminate Sheffield's aquatic legacy and shed light on the integration of water preservation into the city's forward-looking plans.

The event concludes with an enriching tour of the newly established Pounds Park, offering valuable insights into utilising water as a sustainable and communal play medium, fostering community cohesion. Hurry, as space is limited for this insightful exploration!

Parking in available at the venue. We will be on site to assist with any queries.

Lunch, hot drinks and snacks will be provided throughout the day. Please let us know any dietary requirements and/or allergies prior to the event.

The event is fully accessible. Please let us know if you require any adjustments prior to the event so we can prepare and make your day as smooth as possible.

Please see the agenda on Eventbrite for more information regarding what you can expect.