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Tractor Tyre Swing

Tractor Tyre Swing

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Order number: 7.45000

Richter Spielgeräte


Play Value

This swing is attached only at one point and can therefore move freely in every direction, enabling all kinds of swinging and turning games. The long swing chains make this piece of equipment interesting for young people. In their normal environment, they seldom find a satisfactory outlet for their natural energies. This big swing is designed to help meet that requirement. To set the swing in motion requires strength and skill. This equipment can be used to help even the most energetic of children let off steam, thereby avoiding these energies being directed on more negative activities.

Recommended For

  • School children
  • Supervised play areas such as kindergartens, schools, after-school programmes or similar
  • Public play areas without supervision, such as playgrounds, parks or similar
  • Swimming pools without supervision

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Tractor Tyre Swing - Order No: 7.45000

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