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Mall of Arabia Playground

Mall of Arabia Playground

Cairo, Egypt

Case Studies

Timberplay delivered a significant play development for the new retail centre, the Mall of Arabia in Cairo, by Egypt. This investment was designed to offer exceptional play experiences, highlighting the new shopping centre as a top end retail destination.

Working in close collaboration with Mall of Arabia and Richter Spielgeräte, Timberplay were able to adapt their playground equipment in order to take into account the specific demands of the climate and the prevailing play culture.

The developers were looking to create a stand out play area and used a combination of huge interconnecting pyramid towers and a climbing structure, all selected to offer challenging play for older children. Alongside this they also installed small play huts and a dwarf hill, alongside other smaller elements all ideal for younger children. Timberplay provided design, supply and install of all the playground equipment, which is also seeks to provide graduated risk, so can present new challenges for children as they grow and revisit the play space and shopping centre over the years.

We offer an array of playground equipment in Egypt, if want to find out more about how we can help you with your playspace from design to supply and install contact info@timberplay.com