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World Towers

World Towers

Mumbai, India

Case Studies

Timberplay have completed a world-class playground installation at World Towers in India. World Towers is one of India’s newest high-end residential developments, consisting of three towers, the project was led by world-renowned developer Lodha Group. The estate is located on Mumbai Mile, known for its luxury residences and hotels and World Towers is nothing short of incredible when it comes to its luxury offers. Working with Lodha Group, our in-house landscape architects and Richer Spielgeräte’s technical product design team created a landscape-led design to enrich the play offer at the world towers to excite and entice families to the development. The playground is situated on a 6th-floor roof terrace on the building and therefore all equipment was specially designed to be mounted to the podium, which was particularly challenging when it came to ground anchoring.

The focal point of the play area is two large ships within the sand play area which attract users by their sheer size, here children can pretend to be captains, pirates and much more as they explore the depths and levels of the ships. Another highlight is the arched bridge, which connects the play areas, the bridge is lit at night to create a wonderful ambience and during the day is visible from afar.

Exciting water pumps are situated at the front of the podium and are designed to attract ages from a Mushroom Pump for smaller children to a Pedal Pump allowing older children and adults to cycle with the mechanism causing water to spurt from spray heads. Alongside the pumps, various dams and channels are set with Concrete streams to offer ways to divert and move the water as well as an Archimedes Screw to bring the water back upwards.

Situated behind the waterplay, two ships offer children a chance to participate in role-playing as well as places to relax, hide and climb. A billowing ship and a small sailing boat allow children to sway and pretend they are in fact at sea, hammocks offer a place to take a breather and the hut combination allows for a further physical challenge through climbing and hiding.

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Image Copyright - Prabhaker Bhagwat