Climbing is another fundamental part of play provision, supporting the development of motor skills, confidence, and helping children understand risk, how to assess it and how to approach risky activities. Most of Timberplay play equipment also combines other elements, for example towers which you must climb in order to travel down the slide. Or combination equipment which includes swings.

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The urge to climb is strong in all children. Within this children are adept at reaching heights that they will feel comfortable at. By presenting equipment which has different levels, children are able to find the level of challenge that they feel happy with, pushing themselves a little further with each subsequent visit as they grow in confidence and balance skills.

Younger children will find many products designed to excite and inspire them, for example the Dwarf Hill. This miniature climbing product provides a good practice area for basic exercises, for example, climbing using a number of methods and sliding via the wide, social slide. This promotes better coordination and build awareness.

On the other hand, older children cannot fail to be stimulated by the Climbing Forest. This large configuration of posts and ropes provides infinite challenge as children carefully negotiate their way around the course, plotting their own way and assessing the risks within each passage. What happens if you meet someone else? Together you must work out the safest way to pass one and other at height.

Within this section you shall also find multiple play house arrangements, featuring the original Richter playhouse perched on platforms which can be accessed via climbing nets, ladders or climbing walls.

With all climbing equipment safety surfacing is very important. At Timberplay we advocate loose fill, for example woodchip, sand or pea gravel which, in addition to satisfying safety requirements, also provides heaps of play value in itself.


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