Seesaws have come a long way since the traditional seesaw, mainstay of the playground. Although we still stock a simple two seated wooden seesaw, this basic design has seen great innovation and development to create an extensive collection.

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Alongside climbing and jumping, the see-saw movement is very important for a child’s development, honing balance skills and stimulating the vestibular system to help understand the world around them. Knowing the importance of this kind of movement we offer a huge range of products, suitable from toddlers and babies, through to older children and teenagers. Animal themed rockers, for example Little Chicks or the Little Fisch are very popular in toddler play areas, creating a nice friendly theme for the space.

Those looking for a thrilling see saw experience could take a look at the Cross Scales, a four seated product which incorporates a see saw motion with potential for swinging, with two hefty timbers suspending four hanging seats. This concept is taken further with the Swing Scales, whereby the children become pendulum weights and experience a more unpredictable ride. Disabled children can also play alongside their able bodied friends on the Wheelchair see saw platform, exploring notions of physics, balance and weight.

One of the ultimate outdoor see saw products is the Jack Straw See Saw. A seemingly haphazard collection of timbers, which move in relation to each other. So as you make your way across the equipment, you will find the pivotal point where the timbers move. This will also change when more than one user is using the Jack Straw See Saws, as the parts move in relation to the movements of each user. This does mean that children can choose how they want to use the equipment, either for gentle balancing or more rambunctious fun.


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